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Man attacked and Beaten Early Sunday Morning by 10 t0 15 Male Youths on Avenue B at 7th Street ...

Some time around 2:15 early Sunday morning according to witnesses a man and woman were chased down avenue B along the eastern edge of Tompkins Square Park to 7th street in front of the Horse Shoe Bar where the man fell down and was beaten ,stomped and kicked by what was described as a group of 10 t0 15 young Hispanic , black and white males . When the victim attempted to stand up and fight back he was struck with a blow to his head with the short piece of weathered wood shown above . The group of young attackers then tossed the wooden bludgeon to the ground and quickly fled the scene of the attack heading east .
The male victim was injured having bruises , bloody abrasions and a deep cut approximately 1 1/4 inches long and 1/8 inch wide on the right side of his face . The victim was later taken to hospital for treatment .The victims companion appeared to not have been harmed .
The female companion of the victim noted that the group appeared from out of no where while she and her companion were walking along avenue B and then surrounded them . She also noted that the attackers seemed to have been having fun beating her companion .
The male victim noted that he had consumed a few drinks and was a little tipsy , an easy target when the odds were better than 10 to 1 against him .
One witness to the attack , some one that we have known 15 or so years , claimed that they recognized some of the attackers . This witness further claimed that the same youths had given the witness trouble at their store a few days earlier . This witness described the group of 10 t0 15 youths as mixed racially including at least one large 6 foot tall white male Hispanic that wielded the wooden club about 20 years of age and several others as Hispanic and black , ages ranging from 16 to 18 . This witness claimed to know who some of the attackers were and claimed that most came from the area around 12th street and avenue C . It was this witness that drew our attention to the piece of wood that this witness claimed to have seen used to strike the victim still lying in the street at the intersection of 7th street and avenue B .
It is not known what the motive for the attack was or whether the man and woman attacked knew their attackers . Later in the morning we learned from police that the injured male victim was not interested in pressing charges .
P.S. 1:15 AM Monday June 1 ,2009 : There is more detail on the evening in the comments.
P.S.11:30 PM Wed. June 3 , 2009 : For the story of this event as told by the victim to the Village Voice see here :

Yup Yup!

Sounds like the old days....

Ave. c = lowesaida was always the dmz betwixt ave a = your ok and ave d = your dead.

The shitz on.

Prepare for the worst.

In my days we had family that stepprd in.

Now you got potential war.......



I've spent the last two hours reading your blog. You're an amazing photographer and storyteller.

I lived in lower Manhattan in the '70s, worked all around this neighborhood, the LES, Soho and W. Village, and remember those days. My kid is now at the New School, and he lived in the 13th St. dorm for one year, then hung out with a friend over on 7th and A. Now he and his friend both live in Brooklyn, but are still at school in the Village.

It's interesting to see these streets - when we visited I always marveled at how much "better" it was than in the '70s, but I'm curious whether that was just a shallow veneer covering what's really going on. And whether the economic downturn will send things back the way it was in the '70s.
Is your friend planning to go the police with the information?

"Steeeeeeeve" -
Haha, funny.
This guy forgot to mention that i took 2 of them down with me.AND I TOLD YOU NOT TO TAKE MY FN PICTURE!!! however since you insist on getting involved i would like any info on this crew of punk thugs. email bob arihood.
To the guy in the picture .

Sorry but we did not know that you took 2 down with you . But then you didn't want to talk .Nor do the police want to talk . If we had been told that you had done so we would have reported it .All we have to report on is witnesses' accounts of the event . The purpose of all of this picturing and writing is to make people aware of what is going on right under their noses in their own neighborhood .If you would like to tell us more about this event we will certainly publish it here for all to read.We would like to see these thugs put away .

You are not the first to be hit by these little thugs and others like them .This sort of wilding behavior is becoming more common in the East Village , especially around TSP , avenue A and east . Your picture posted here makes the point , it makes this event real for those who view NMNL . thats why we used it . We understand that you might not appreciate the exposure but the peoples right to know trumps all .This was with out doubt a news worthy event and should be published .

Since our post of early this morning we have learned that there were even more witnesses to the event . One witness even claims to have heard the little thugs discussing ,near the steps of St Brigids Church , who they were going to attack .Some of your young attackers may be known to witnesses but you do have to press charges for anything to happen .

Just an hour or so ago some one reported to us that another wilding event occurred in front of the McDonalds on 3rd avenue near St. Marks place . 4 to 6 young males attacked a man and a woman on the street . We will attempt to confirm this report .

Continue to read here to know what we know .All that we know we will publish for you to read .Read also some of the previous posts concerning other wilding attacks especially the one 3 weeks ago in TSP .
to: "Anonymous Guy in picture"

Glad you managed to 'take two down', but remember, in public spaces you should not be upset if someone takes or publishes your photo (unless they plan to sell it).
10+ punk ass cowardly bitches against one guy who's a bit drunk? How brave would these pussies be if the guy had a gun to equalize the odds?
To g :

thanx for the compliments and glad you find NMNL interesting .

As to what is happening here, we don't really know but not all is good as you can see from some of the recent posts .All should remember that the so called recession hasn't really hit NYC yet so who knows whats to come . .
When I was a freshmen in high school I got the shit kicked out of me by a group about this size down on Houston and B. Blew my mind that a dozen of morons can get their rocks off by beating on one person (who in my case was obviously weaker and less experienced in hand to hand street wars).
Press charges people!! The more of a record there is, the more the city will recognize the need to bring back police presence- like in the West Village, right now. These are not little punks....They are violent criminals who need to be charged as such.

I got into it with four of those punk Thursday they were hanging outside 2 doors down from Supper on E 3rd, I could have ignored them harassing passerbys but I was in a bad mood and while discussing it one sucker punched me and I was holding them off ok until on of them smashed me over the head from behind with a folded up grocery cart and then the patrons at Supper started screaming and they ran off.
Where the fuck are the cops when this shit is happening. Being that the E. Village has now turned into a combination of Spring Break and Bourbon Street on the weekends, you'd think the 9th PCT would have more cops trolling the area, but Noooooooo. People have to get beat up first. Nice going.
Bob! I believe it was the McDonald's on First avenue and 6th street! Yup...keep up the great work brother....
Goddamnit, when are we going to do something about this? I live on 7th Street and Avenue C, and if I see something like this going on, you're goddamned right I'm going to call the police, scream bloddy murder and let these thugs know this neighborhood will NOT TOLERATE their behavior.

Who will organize a neighborhood watch group? Now that I mention it, perhaps I will. Stay tuned.
Take back our neighborhood! Thanks for the fantastic reporting. I've decided to try to do something about this. I started a quick blog at: There is a flyer to post around the neighborhood and a plan of action. Let's do something about this.
great reporting, as usual.
Bob if you want me to email you exactly what happened i will . but i wanna know who is the guy that can point them out to me.ill even email you a pic of the cut. I know you took one pic while i was realy pissed and telling you not to take the pic. Can you email me that pic.It seems to me like they prey on couples . I dont like that. I realy onle remember the two main guys one had a razor scooter the other a 2x4 I laid the guy with the scooter out i figured the scooter would do more damage than the 2x4. i blocked like 6 shots from the 2x4 but then i had like 10 dudes swinging at me from behind then i got caught with the 2x4 and just started to block ,i covered up and went down to one knee. when i got up and saw blood i tried to find one so i could choke him to death i figured it was only moments before i would be stabbed anyway but they were all gone. Bob email me
diggin' this blog.

not diggin' the idea of being attacked by 10-15 youths this evening, but life's a crapshoot.
To the guy in the picture : From what I know from past beatings these guy target some one that they know they can overwhelm .Usually its drunks , homeless people or Crustys .

It seems to be sport to these guys and there is more of it going on than people realize . Few in the press pay any attention to it so it goes on without note .

right now we are trying to gather witness reports that reveal important details .We hope to be able to identify some . We will have more later .
I've lived in the villge all my life and Ive noticed that there has never been police in any of the right places. I've worked out exactly where to walk and cross the street whenever necessary. But seriously when are the damn cops going to figure the shit? Are they misinformed? The lazy fucks just drive around patrolling the avenues. Dunkin donuts have even become more frequent. Save the neighborhood from crime. This is just karma reprecussions from the gentrifying onslaught. What happened to those cops who say they always wanted to be cops? I even feel unsafe around all those oxford shirted smirking drunks who flex their insecurities at you whilst pissing between cars outside my bedroom window and think it's cute to hit on my girlfriend after she has woken up from sleep to yell at them . Step it up neighborhood. If you're so anti gentrification, do something about it.
This shit bothers me real bad. My kid is a pretty mellow 21 year old, and probably spends less time in this nabe now than he did a couple years ago. The idea that if he had a couple beers before going home these guys might assault him just for the fun of it really frightens me.

Back in the '70s, when I hung out here, at least we knew that folks would assault you because they wanted your money or your shit, instead of just for the fun of it.
Have any other East Village residents noticed the horse patrols the cops have during the day? They usually park the horse van on Avenue A between 13th and 14th Streets, and then they get on the horses and trot around the East Village. Instead of wasting money on these ridiculous daytime horse patrols, why not put extra cops on at night in the areas where these thugs are going crazy?
As I've said before, if the police REALLY wanted to do something about these cowardly punks, they'd use decoys and deep undercover cops as bait. Whether or not backups arrived quickly, at least the decoy could blow away a few of the fuckers!!

The mainstream media's failure to cover this is actually a blessing -- these turds might not think that anyone is aware of them, so they'll keep on going, making it easier to catch them. If they get too much publicity, the heat will be on and they'll disappear for a while.

Something for cops reading this blog to consider: If the police don't do something, another Bernie Goetz may do the job more effectively.
Guy in picture, my hat's off to you dude, taking two down is more than anyone in Baltimore has managed to do (unprovoked attacks have been happening here for the past few months, also in Philadelphia). Hope it leaves a sexy scar.
...This sort of wilding behavior is becoming more common in the East Village , especially around TSP , avenue A and east ...

Yup. I've lived in the 'hood for the last 13 years. I walk from Chinatown to Ave. C everyday and this--what seems to be organized in some fashion--youth gang activity is new. I find it scary and I just don't understand why we don't have beat cops dealing with this shit. Just the last four weeks, I've seen: a group of kids tossing bottles at passing cars on Ave. B at 9pm, a group of kids taunting and then being chased by cops on 7th St. in the late afternoon, kids breaking into St. Brigid', and a group of kids and adults bashing a car on 6th St. And that's on top of an increase of the usual junkies nodding off, fights in front of bars, and idiots taunting cars in the middle of the street. Oh, and I might as well add that I saw an unpleasant late night altercation at Key Food.

And, hey, summer has barely started.

I call the cops when I see shit but, so far, the response has been, well, nothing. I think they get a lot of calls along the lines of "There's a fight in TSP, come now." or "People are throwing bottles at cars." or whatever. They act very blazay about it on the phone, usual saying "Oh, so there's some vandalism or trespassing going on? We'll let some one know."

This stuff is _new_ and it needs to stop now. I tend to think some of it is drug gang related and that the cops are turning a blind eye to it. It's pretty clear that someone is selling a _lot_ of drugs in the 'hood and I'd guess that someone is stepping on someone else's toes. But, most of it is just fucked up kids who needed to be nailed on their first offense and dealt with responsibly. If they are from out of town, send 'em home. If they have family in town, then make the families responsible. Put extra cops and social workers on it _now_. Get the neighborhood community involved. Surely, business and families see that the increase in violence is a serious problem.
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