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Death on 6th Street possibly Linked to Friday Night Beatings on Crusty Row in Tompkins Square Park

Saturday afternoon police journeyed to Crusty Row in Tompkins Square Park in search of witnesses to a beating that may have caused the death of a young female . The young female was reportedly found dead earlier today in an apartment on 6th street . The beating was described by witnesses as one of several beatings resulting from a "wilding"incident in TSP Friday around midnight .
Crusty Row witnesses claimed that a group of from 4 to 6 young males in their mid to late teens attacked several Crustys with , variously , clubs ,sticks and 40oz. beer bottles . Several individuals were injured by this group of young males including the deceased female .
One of the victims displayed his blood soaked pants claiming that he spent the night in the emergency room being treated for his wounds . He claimed to have been on a morphine drip for several hours . We did not photograph the victim because on Crusty Row pictures are mostly not allowed but his head was very noticeably swollen on the left side and was also covered with numerous cuts, abrasions and contusions . The victim still had a good bit of dry , caked blood about his head and neck .
Some of the park elders who spend most of their afternoons and early evenings in TSP told us today that they have been confronted , taunted and threatened the last few days by several young males in their mid to late teens . Whether these threats have any relation to those who did the beatings in the park Friday night is not substantiated at this time .
Friday night a little past midnight we took a picture of a young woman at the entrance to Ray's Candy Store examining a young man's injuries . The young male claimed that he had been beaten in a wilding event in TSP. We did not take his claim all that seriously at the time ; we should have .
We can not say how many were actually attacked and injured or relate much detail of the attack because people on Crusty Row don't say much . We do know though that the deceased female , who somehow found her way to the apartment reportedly on 6th street and at least two other males were injured during this attack .
As we gather more information we will post more .

some of those kids have an apartment on 6th I have b een told
I will be on the lookout if I'm in TSP tonight.
"4 to 6 young males in their mid to late teens"

This is pretty vague. I hate to ask but -- white? black? Latino? Prepsters? Jocks? Hip-hoppers?
I've noticed several groups of taller, skinnier, fairly fit young men, mostly in leather, mostly in black, that act kinda like meth heads. They are, I think, new to the 'hood. Well, I don't recognize them. They seem much more, um, energetic than the usual summer time TSP junkie kids. Dunno if they are the kids who are wilding or not. I've crossed the street several times to avoid them since they tend to do stuff like climb scaffolding, kick cars and bikes, and criss-cross the sidewalks. I more or less assumed that they were just drunk overnighters but I have seem them, oh, five times in the last couple days.

Murder's a serious escalation of the usual headaches from the summer kids. I've been somewhat worried about this summer in TSP. There are a lot more people hanging out already than there was this time last year.
Seriously? Are you that politically correct that you refuse to reveal the race of the perps? If we are endangered by some individuals whilst living in the area, I REFUSE to partake in your "diversity" brigade and not know who I am on the look out for. If I have to choose between respecting diversity and my own life, I'll rather take the latter. I'm sure that unspecified dead young girl would sure say the same.
This would explain the NYPD driving their cars through the park on Sunday afternoon. I haven't seen that in a long time.
To "T" . We did not know at the time of this post much of anything about the young Hispanic males , including that they are Hispanic , who were responsible for the evening's mayhem .

We are not at all interested in being politically correct .Political correctness simply corrupts ,poisons and cripples langauage making it impossible to say the things that are most important and necessary .

Grow the fuck up "T" and take time to read carefully .That's a very important thing to do habitually .
When I knew Lesia she lived with her mom in an apartment, could be the same one. She was a crusty but wasn't homeless.
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