Monday, May 11, 2009


Young Hispanic Males Return to Harass Crustys in Tompkins Square Park Sunday Night ....

Crusty witnesses in TSP tonight claimed that 3 of the young Hispanic males that had attacked them Friday night returned to harass them around 9 PM with water balloons and taunts . The 3 light skinned Hispanic males in their mid-to-late teens ,one wearing a Chicago Cubs baseball cap , threw the water balloons , taunted and then ran . The Crustys responded by pursuing the males to avenue D near 4th Street .
A confrontation including a box cutter , a pipe and some bottles evolved on avenue D . The Crustys , outnumbered and in hostile territory controlled by the 3 young Hispanic males and their numerous friends , withdrew and returned to TSP .
As we were listening to witnesses tell us what had happened earlier in TSP , the 3 or 4 Crusty males that had run after the young Hispanic males returned . One of the Crusty warriors had been struck on his head with a bottle that on impact broke . His head was cut in several places but not bleeding seriously . We held a flashlight as pieces of glass were removed from his head by a friend . No one else was hurt .
Crusty witnesses noted Sunday night that there have been 3 confrontations with these same males or their friends in TSP in the last week . One of those confrontations , the one on Friday night , resulted in the injury and hospitalization of a male Crusty and a young woman , not truly a Crusty , being brutally battered on the head and face . Another was tonight's confrontation . The third confrontation occurred near Crusty Row in TSP a few days before the Friday night confrontation and amounted to mostly taunts and threats with some little physical violence occurring .
The Friday night confrontation which began with taunts and threats evolved into serious physical violence . This ultimately violent confrontation was perhaps responsible for the death of a young woman , who with brutal head injuries returned to an apartment on 6th street and sometime later Saturday morning died .
This deceased young woman , reportedly of Ukranian decent , grew up in the East Village and recently had spent much time with the Crustys and others in the park . We do know that she was in her late 20s but we do not yet know her full name . The definite cause of her death is currently being determined by the NYC Medical Examiner's office . That determination should be available within a very few days if not some time Monday .
Another witness , not a Crusty , whom the police did not believe claimed that she had seen the young males responsible for the young woman's injuries late Saturday afternoon in TSP near the 7th street and avenue A entrance . We happen to believe her .


Thank you for your detailed reporting on these incidents.
Please be any and all people who read this blog and have friends,or family that are punk;skin;and/or any other alternative lifestyle attire wearing folks,who can or may be mistaken as a Crusty!!! These perpetrators,neither know the difference;nor do they really care. So please keep a watchful eye out for yourselves...these same perpetrators also attack Obviously homeless drunks;drug addicts;people who are mentally ill;and or anyone who may appear to fit this profile...All good people please beware and watch out for each other! Let's practice safe habits when walking in our community;in other words start using your street smarts a little more good people!!!! Please pass these wise words on!!!! All good people....
who died? was it lusha?
As far as we know the deceased name was as you write , Lusha , or something similar . We still do not have her full name .

We have this evening talked to more witnesses of the attack on the deceased woman . What they all describe is a blow to the head from abeer bottle or can hurled at her from 4 or 5 ft. or so and then a severe stomping after she had fallen to the ground .

We are still waiting to learn the cause of death from the ME or NYPD . There may have been a drug overdose later in the morning that either in combination with the head trauma or by itself that is responsible for her death .
that photograph of the moon over the park is one of the most astonishing and amazing photographs i've ever seen in my life. i love everything about it.
Regarding "Young Hispanic Males"...I heard rumors of them being shockingly young, not the late-teens-early-20s breed of young. Is this true? Thank you for your wonderful posts. I dig them very much&your photography as well.
It is true that some of the male attackers were very young . Some witnesses have estimated their ages at 12 years of age .
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