Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Today in Tompkins Square Park : Red Tail Drops Lunch in the Snow

This mid day a Red Tailed Hawk , while attempting to rend and devour a small young rat , dropped the rat . Something to be expected occasionally of course if one must eat with ones feet . The tasty young morsel fell down to the deep snow below where it disappeared .
The hawk , hungry as it was , winged its way below to a fence and then down to the snow , sinking up to its snazzy pantaloons . The hawk walked about with some difficulty in the deep snow , looking thoughtfully here and there ; mostly down at the snow where it knew that there must be a dead rat .
The hawk seemed to have an idea where the rat was and finally committed to go for the dead youngster . With the rat grasped by the talons of one foot the hawk flew , by way of a brief stop on a lamp post , to a tree limb to continue lunch .

I want the red tail hawk to be the official bird of New York City.
Very little food goes to waste in Tompkins Square Park!!!!
I believe Mayor Bloomberg single handedly reintroduced the red tailed hawk to NYC.
I love the photo of the hawk looking straight at you--great shot!!
I love this hawk. the last photo is great; also, agree that the pic w/ hawk looking straight toward the camera is a good one. he has the heart of this eagle (you may have seen this video, but it's worth a view, stick it out for it's entirety)(warning, contains some violence):
Fina bilder
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