Saturday, January 31, 2009


Speak Out for Recently Deceased Antonio Pagan at 7th St. and Avenue A ...

At 8pm Saturday night 4 journalists , including a NY Times reporter, 2bloggers and 3 other folks gathered to speak to Antonio Pagan's passing . Only 2 of those present spoke , Slacktivist John Penley and former squatter Jimmy Samopolis , and they had nothing good to say of the man . No flags were in sight let alone burned as some had suggested might happen .
See also the NY Times blog for the comments concerning Mr. Pagan :

The Pagánoids, who keep changing their "official" cause of death of Antonio, are planning a memorial of their own. Some of Tompkins Square's best should be there to express the TRUE sentiment of the neighbrhood.
"The evil that men do live after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.'

Chris Flash: F U, you are what turned the LES from a nice place to a crap dump. Give it a rest, you evil man.

Pagan had class. You have nothing. You steal from the People.
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