Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Joe's New Wheels at Ray's Window ...

Joe has a new ride , a battery powered electric conveyance with candy-apple red fenders . Tonight he was at Ray's Candy Store , for Joe now a "drive-in" , having his usual green pistachio ice cream . He travels a long way to get to Rays these days .
Not long ago Joe lived in the neighborhood .His father was a police officer here . Joe and some of his family has lived in the neighborhood for many years . Recently he was forced by circumstances beyond his control to move to a section 8 apartment in Newark . He now travels frequently back to the old home neighborhood using public transportation in New Jersey and New York riding in his new electric wheeled chair . One of his favorite stops of course is Ray"s Candy Store where his old neighborhood friends still congregate .
Joe is a baseball aficionado , an expert in past or present baseball fact ; ask him a baseball related question and you'll see . Today we asked him about Joe Torre's new book and how it damns the "Boss". His take was that it's all very unfortunate but he was wronged by Yankee's management and it's just payback . Joe also suspects that Torre probably needed the money .

So Ray's is now a "Drive-In!!"
Of course . Open to all , 24 hours a day brother .
Joe is my pal!;I am glad that he can sport his new ride at Ray's 24 hours a day! Does he get on the "Turnpike?"....
Joe looks good--the same as always.
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