Monday, January 26, 2009


Birthday Number 76 for Ray : Big Party With Burlesque Performance by "Mini Malicious" at Ray's Candy Store Sunday Night ...

Jay ,Biker Bill , Eden and Cowboy Stanley at Ray's waitng for the performance to begin . It was crowded enough inside later that many people just watched it all through the door glass or store front windows .

Sunday night there was a special birthday party for a special neighborhood guy . Ray turned 76 years old today and his friends and some others too celebrated his birthday with him at his candy store . Even Cowboy Stanley braved the very cold night for this special event .
The party started a bit after 11pm with a burlesque performance by dancer Mini Malicious . The partiers , mostly guys , were lined up at the counter well ahead of time .
This performance , as were those from the last two birthday celebrations , is presented here at NMNL for your enjoyment .
Mini Malicious performs regularly around town . More on all of that here :

Ray loved it all .

East Village "Slacktivist" John Penley was impressed .

Stanley's passions , already stirred by Mini's performance , were whipped even more thoroughly as if by a "MixMaster" when Mini let him hold her bustier.

The birthay boy's birthday kiss .

What did Stanley get ? Was it just an autograph or was it a number too?

Ilya , the guy who has organized all three past Ray's birthday celebrations . Below Mini displays a B&W Polaroid that Ilya made with his antique Polaroid camera .

The birthday cake supplied by Eden .

Not all present were neighborhood regulars . The guy in these three shots was a stranger that had been partying privately with himself long before he got to Rays . He told Ray that he had a reason to get high today ; he just got out of prison after having spent 8 years incarcerated upstate . Biker Bill was ready to hit him .

The celebration went on for a few hours with neighborhood folks stopping in with gifts , good spirits , congratulations and toast after toast .

Sorry to have missed the festivities!!!Glad a good time was had by all. Great photos once again Bob!!!
Good times!
Beautiful :)) Wish I was 76 :))

Way to go Ray :))

great shots Bob, nice close ups :))

Yogi -
Where you been YogiFish ?
Bob!!! You have outdone yourself once again!!! Excellent shots!!! Did you get Minnies phone number?(smiles...). NMNL rocks!!! Keep up the great work!!!!
Bob!!! You have outdone yourself once again!!! Excellent shots!!! Did you get mini's phone number?(smiles...). NMNL rocks!!! Keep up the great work....
what a classic moment to arrive at, so glad to see that the freaks have a strong hold in town yet, thanks for all the tears of laughter
It was soooo cold out that night, but man oh man, was it ever sooo hot inside Rays!!
That stripper gal was okay, but I have to say Eden was looking as good as ever that night!
I actually was wearing the exact same outfit underneath my 8 layers of clothes!
Now now Eden! No encouraging the stalkers,I mean"secret admires!",ummmpphhh!!!(yikes! same outfit for real?)....
Eden's not lying. She did a private dance for me later on!
this is totally awesome...
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