Thursday, January 29, 2009


Biker Bill Says : " Usurpers and Pretenders Beware. All Shall Know Now That I Am Now and Always Have Been the One True Biker Bill"

It's never simple . Existence is just one challenge after another and among those who count , it is well known that our Biker Bill indeed thrives on challenge ... so it is for our brother Biker Bill .
Some times a man is forced to piss-out his territory to show the usurper , the pretender , even the innocent just where and what the limits amount to . According to Slum Goddess today such a piss-out may be necessary . There is some confusion about who's who with some folks . Take a look :

All you other Slim Shady's are just imitators.
"Avenue A Biker Bill! Best Biker Bill of all!!!!"
I heard somewhere that Biker Bill's real name was Tricycle Troy in his yuppie days!
Actually, he was once known as Wee Willy Winkle in his pre-biker days!
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