Thursday, November 06, 2008


Obama Euphoria Seizes St. Marks Place Tuesday Night ...

They brought flags and contrary to East Village tradition they didn't burn them . Amazingly they sang the national anthem .
Music blasted from windows and they danced euphorically on their fire escapes and in the street below .
Where the reveling crowd came from isn't clear ; it probably just formed naturally in the wee hours of the morning on St. Marks Place between avenue A and 1st avenue .
There was some damage done . The celebrants of Obama's victory walked and danced on the tops of cars and buses . They stopped traffic . The rear window of at least one car was broken . There were reports from police that there was other damage done to storefronts .
The police arrived around 2 AM Wednesday morning and formed their ranks . Several attempts were made by police brass using bull horns to speak to the throng requesting that it disperse . In one case several young Bacchantes mobbed a young captain with a bull horn , hugging him and subduing him . The captain laughed , the Bacchantes giggled and the captain returned to police lines. In the end the police effort to reason with the ecstatic throng of hundreds was fruitless ; no one moved , the celebration continued .
The police had brought their Orange Net . Deploying it they proceeded to sweep the street clear . Finally the crowd dispersed leaving the police in place for an hour or so .
Its not clear whether there were any arrests . Some witnesses claimed that they had seen some arrests .
We finally left the scene for Ray's Candy Store for an order of Obama Fries . Not surprisingly they tasted just like his Dollar Fries that we had eaten Monday night ,the night before the election .

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Marlene on Election Day

Monday, November 03, 2008


Nuria in Red

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Halloween Wilding Incident at 7th Street and Avenue A

This Halloween at 12:30 or so multiple assaults occurred at the corner of avenue A and 7th street . According to witnesses , a gang of from 8 to 12 young males charged down the western avenue A sidewalk attacking and robbing several Halloween celebrants dragging some female victims a short distance . At least one male was injured . Several female victims were also harmed though we do not know how seriously .
The nature of the motive , other than robbery , for the attack is not known .
According to witnesses the gang of young men left the scene quickly running west on 7th street . It is not known whether police were able to make any arrests .

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