Sunday, December 21, 2008



I wish she would stop doing those drugs, making it with those crusties, and throwing her young life away.
I wish she would stop doing those drugs, making it with those crusties, and throwing her young life away.
We agree
I don't know why we all throw our lives away and don't realize it until it's gone...??
I saw her often over the summer watching crusty backbacks. She is so pretty. It hurts to see her with such people. I have wanted to talk to her, but I cannot. The most she has ever said is "It's early."

If only I could rescue her. Do you think she would accept a blind marraige proposal from a stranger???
I've seen so many like her on the same downward spiral. Nothing anyone says can change their minds or deviate them from their self-destrctive path.

Is it a matter of low self-esteem, rebelling against everything in general, or just not giving a fuck about anything? Or a combination of all of these?

I would like to save her, clean her up, give her love, and provide a healthy positive environment, but before anyone could help her, it is she who have to want and accept that help. To do so would require her acknowledging that she is living the wrong kind of lifestyle that leads only to a premature death ands her wanting to do something about it.

Until she does, she is going to follow her current trajectory to its inevitable end, as so many young people have before her.

What really bugs me is her make-believe "friends" who hang with her every day, who do nothing to get her off the dope because that wouldn't be "cool."
you know she used to be a child actress, right?
she's only 18?! that's sad
also, what a difference a year makes :(
what the hell is wrong with some of you here? she *is* a crustie. she doesn't need to be saved from an abstract "group of people encouraging her to do something dangerous for the sake of being cool" because she is *part* of that group.

she had the free will to leave her home and live her life in this way. no one should feel any more sorry for her than for anyone else that's living on the streets/doing drugs/etc. if she wasn't "so young" and "so pretty," most of you wouldn't write in with such concern.

your "stop making with those crusties" really just reads as "i want to do her because she's so young and pretty".
skstscoI must agree, most of those so concerned would largely like to f--k her lets face it, HotDog gets a whole differentr reaction, and would have at 17yrs old as well
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