Sunday, October 19, 2008


Unit Sales of New Products Up But Profit Margins too Slim ...

This week at Ray' Candy Store at 113 avenue A the new dollar cone and dollar fries were a big hit . Sales of these two new products are definitely impressive but it seems that the cost of production of each of these two new items can not be reduced sufficiently . Sadly the profit per unit of each of these products is not enough when multiplied by the impressive volume of sales to sufficiently help turn Ray's money losing candy store back into a profitable business .

I was wondering how Ray could make any profit at all for these $1.00 prices--I love Ray--Support Ray as best you can folks!!
Yes, Everyone please please PLEASE support rays and help keep him open!
If only the landlord would charge him a REASONABLE rent, Ray could continue to offer his cheap eats and he and we would all benefit!!
Ray's a saint, but I'm sure people would pay a bit more than that! I want to see him bump up his prices, for his own sake. I worry about Ray's all the time.

So cool to meet you finally today in TSP!
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