Thursday, September 25, 2008


Pictures With Jay...

Jay and associates Giovanni (left) and Victor are out front of the local liquor store with a special dollar in hand . Its an important dollar ; the last one necessary to complete the purchase fund . Now the booze necessary to complete a worthy evening will soon be in hand .
Jay and Giovanni are just back on the street having been locked-up the last 24 hours for violating the open container law and some inconvenient outstanding warrants .

I appreciate the 9th Precinct and it is not their fault but ticketing drunks that are poor and homeless as oppose to drunks that misbehave but frequent David McWater's bars just again points to the potential for corruption and an agency has to come in and investigate David McWater and Alexandra Militano if they will not step down and take their cronies with them.

The 9th can't practice fair and honest up holding of the law with conflict of interest as huge as this that has been allowed to exist for way too long.

Until the corruption is cleared out, leave these guys alone.

The mayor considering getting rid of community boards at one point and that might have at least got rid of what feels like more corruption and poor to little representation of the people of this city's best interests instead of the very rich and their interests.
when did they pass the law about no drinking beer in the park??I was out of town and missed it--
Has the rain dampened the night time show?
Visitors to NYC from more civilized countries are able to walk about with an open beer or glass of wine without being harassed by oover-zealous police.

Why bother folks unless they are doing something to harm or threaten others?

Too many cops on the force and not enough "crime" to go after.
dudes. Spend your money at David McWaters bar!
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