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The Real David Peel Birthday Party ...

After the metal jam David Peel led a group from Tompkins square Park to a narrow stretch of sidewalk across avenue B from the Christodora . Displaying a large "Impeach Bush " banner a group that had largely co-opted the Peel birthday party led the way with their banner directly behind Mr. Peel .
The police had cordoned off a narrow stretch of sidewalk that the birthday partiers decided was just not right for their party . They thus marched back to the central part of TSP with their banner out front .
On the way back the group stopped at the TSP restrooms , verbally harangued some dog owners over the fence at the new dog run and mixed with some park regulars in varying states of alertness who routinely can be found in or around the restrooms .
On returning to the central part of TSP the "Impeach Bush" banner was stretched out in front of the benches where the party was to begin .There was a brief period of discord between some of the party's members and some of the Crusties but the party then began .
David sang and some sort of pie with whipped cream--for a brief moment we thought that this pie was to be used by Aaron Kay "the pieman "to pie David--was presented to him . those around David quickly inhaled the pie .
Chris Sileo made good on his offer to provide some pizza . There were perhaps as many as 8 pies but they were mostly eaten by the crew that was taking down the stage . We heard that Biker Bill all by himself inhaled one whole pie. We were told that the pizza was especially good ;we never got to taste any of it .
The party continued for several hours with people gathered talking , singing ,drinking beer and smoking a little weed .
An unburned flag was there ,up-side-down of course.
The crowd that had brought the big banners went back to the Christodora for an hour-long protest but then returned to the birthday party .
We left at 10:30 pm with the party still going strong with 40 or so partiers . As we left David was taking a picture of "Pony Boy" .

thanks for the update--very nice photo journalism--really enjoyed the article and photographs--we are making history every day here in TSP-surviving and smiling in different variations of consciousness
Jim Power's art got shoved aside for Cooper Union's fake public relations pushing Peter Cooper's face and the only place they could find is the exact spot where Jim Mosaic Man's Power 9-11 memorial planter was.

They shoved it to the side and the irony is Peter Cooper would never have approved Cooper Union making real estate wheeling and dealings, high paid lawyers to beat down the community's law suits, high paid public relations people the priority instead of education.

The irony is that even though Cooper Union could have parked their phony p.r. image of Peter Cooper Union anywhere on their vast property they only place they felt appropriate is the one piece of art on display by a real East Villager and the hardest working artist under the most dire of circumstances.

Cooper Union says they are not as bad as NYU. I say only because they do not have as much real estate yet and their actions shoving Jim's art aside speaks volumes just like their tear down and supersizing of the area "almost" as rapacious as terms of the area they are no. 2 using the higher ed as a tax shelter to supersize and reflect a history destroyed and a community no longer welcome.

See the phony article -- the lies in Amanda Burden's special "spread" in The New York Daily News today on zoning for the East Village where she says she is preserving the character.

She is a leader is destroying what is left of the character and pushing out the characters.

Suzannah B. Troy
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