Thursday, June 26, 2008


Bullshit Waterfall Photographed Through a Windshield ...

Above , framed and apportioned to the point , an appropriate photograph of this summers watery fantasy . Another bullshit architectural contrivance ; this time on the urban waterfront .
This was once a city at the aesthetic edge , a place of innovation and keen sensibility . Now this is all we can commission ; such blighted faire , our Panem et Circenses for today's masses . But what can we expect ; consider who's in charge today .

what a waste of money-
agreed. this idea is completely fucking stupid.
Please watch the waterfall and forget about the Council slush fund mess.
Your pals in city government
every time i see the waterfalls i can't help thinking.....looks like water being pumped out over a construction site gone wrong or perhaps an homage to all of the fugly architecture going up. if anybody in this city finds these spectacles even mildly amusing, then it is a larger statement of what this place has become. in the SATC era we live in, i guess it doesn't take much more than this and bloody cupcakes.
My guess is that three of the previous posters never saw Blue Man Group. That show will explain things and the waterfalls in New York City could begin to make sense... but only if one is open and not defensive.
let me see if i has to see the blue man group to understand these waterfalls?
Long ago on the bikini islands tiny lungfish thrived in tidal pools: after nuclear testing most
went to live in grew to the size of a fire hydrant and
using both sides of its brain figured out a way to get a small piece of every stock deal on the planet...alas the over grown tadpole had no dick with which to enjoy its fortune and decided
to become mayor of New York instead. Thanks to this eunich's
asberg's syndrome we are all getting screwed.
...looks like water being pumped out over scaffolding...

Yup, that's my complaint. The installation is shitty. There are a million okay artist here but the public art infrastructure, the bureaucrats, suck. Our public art, in general, sucks because the people picking it, coordinating it, and installing it, suck.

In theory, the waterfalls are okay. In actuality, they suck. Same thing with the Chris Burden Erector set at Rockefeller.

I'm not saying, give it over the ISP kids but, since it's clear that they'd do a better job of it, just toss the current crew and go from there. All the great installations by NYC artists are in Europe, for good reason.
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