Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Avenue A at Night : L.E.S. Jewels Flashing by Flashing Red Lights

it's like a watching a train wreck.

btw, I enjoy your blog, read regularly. You and your camera make for great story telling.
Yes you are probably correct ; its over-the-cliff or off-the-tracks or whatever . Perhaps another longer stay at the peoples expense up-state somewhere or maybe one way or another it will just end .
I love your work dude, but this guy is just, too much of a muchness, in my opinion!

Buck naked in defense of Freedom!
Don't wish ill on the fellow--that's Bad Vibes
That's really gross.
Arihood wants to stick his nose
up les' nasty ass
That's why he takes
these faggy pics.

hey airhead-
next time les shits his pants
clean him with ya tongue
you'll get used to it
Oi jewels ur a fuckn idoit but i got 2 love ya still man
oi oi i miss ya
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