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More Shots Fired in the East Village : A Young Man is Dead

ABOVE and BELOW : As children watch from a window , police search the scene of the shooting , the court yard of 635 east 13th st. and 205 avenue C , for evidence including the empty brass casing from the fatal round .

ABOVE and BELOW : NYPD aviation searches the rooftops in the immediate area of the buildings , Campos Plaza , at the corner of 13th st. and avenue C .

ABOVE : With police personnel filling the foyer of 635 east 13th st in the distance , a news photographer takes a break allowing some neighborhood kids to take pictures of each other with his camera .

ABOVE : 9th precinct commander , in beige suit , confers with other ranking officers representing NYPD units involved in the gathering of evidence and in conducting the search for the 4 young males that were involved in the shooting of David Bookin .

ABOVE and 2 BELOW : Some heavily processed images ,taken through a heavily dirt-fogged window , of NYPD Emergency Services ( ESU) personnel and their police dog waiting to conduct a vertical search of 635 east 13th st. .

BELOW : NYPD ESU personnel leaving 635 east 13th st. after conducting vertical search of building .

For at least the third time this week shots were fired in the East Village . This time one of those shots killed a man .
Shortly after 7:00 PM Thursday evening , in the court yard of the buildings at 635 east 13th st. and 205 avenue C , Campos Plaza , David Bookin , 33 , was reported shot in the back one time . According to witnesses , the four young men that were responsible for the murder fled the scene immediately after the one shot was fired . Mr. Bookin died a short time later either on the way to a hospital or in the emergency room at the hospital .
Reportedly several people , adults and children , were present in the court yard and witnessed the shooting . It is likely that among those present there are some who know who the young men were that are responsible for this murder .
In a brief , sad conversation with David Bookin's very distraught brother we learned that the shooter was someone that both he and his brother knew . According to Mr. Bookin the 4 responsible for the murder of his brother were of a younger generation than his brother . He noted that though his brother was well liked by most in the building and surrounding neighborhood , these younger males were not at ease with the older members of the community such as his brother .There was an altercation and then 1 shot . In short the "new jacks" comming up don't like the "old timers" being around ; not a new story over on avenues and C and D but certainly a sad and troubling story .
Having lived in the neighborhood all his life , this tragedy was a story that Mr. Bookin knew all too well . His last comment was " now he's with our mother" . After our conversation he stoically rode off on his bicycle to his night-time job .
In addition to David Bookin's brother an aunt , with whom he sometimes lived , and some cousins were also at the scene of the murder comforting each other along with some friends .
A conversation with one resident of 205 avenue C revealed that the buildings had been requesting cameras and security personnel for the court yard for some time . The resident noted that there had been 3 murders in this courtyard in the last 3 years .
At the most recent Community Board meeting last week the building again made their request for cameras and security personnel .

First and foremost my heart goes out to the victims, their families and all loved ones.

Second, my heart goes out to the police because the population rises, so does the push to cram as many people in to our area as fast as possible while they face more cuts in personnel and a lower starting salary which hurts in recruitment. In the West Village to auxillary NYPD officers where blown away because of their uniform.

I lived in a middle to very wealthy building and I asked for better security and video but I could not get it. The is newer video tech and I believe it is less expensive than ever and allows for many split screens on one computer screen.

I love my neighborhood and I do not want anyone being murdered and I am grateful to anyone who will speak up, anyone who will help others to be safe with out asking them to sell their soul in exchange for safe passage and for our police that do their job to the best of their ability to keep us safe.

Everyone stay safe. Stay alert and speak up to help keep the community safe.
This is such a tragedy. One would maybe expect these shootings back in the late 80s and early 90s (I've seen posts every once in a while on NMNL about various Avenue D shootings.) but it seems less likely now given the influx of hotels, celebrities etc., although I'm certainly not advocating gentrification. Very sad.
We need people to speak up, get involved rather than be silent and I understand intimidation is used. We need technology and there is better less expensive technology which is what I was trying to say -- you can have one computer screen with multi-split screens.

Gangster, guns and drugs are heard in rap songs and one song on z100 has a rap artist reprimanding the community for calling the police on him when he was out selling. There is a big disconnect when a song like that can be played and the lack of understanding and respect for the community is glamourized. People have a right to want safe streets and not have drug deal at their front doors and see people gunned down but community leaders have to speak up and so do community members.

When someone goes to the community board and asks for video security -- the community board must come back with some kind of report on what they did to follow through or say okay we did this and we could not help so we are referring you to....

Because we have such we have so much mega wealth -- we may need the mega rich to create a security fund -- we they donate money to housing here in New York that goes to security video and private security teams that must work with the NYPD and also volunteers from the housing projects to work with everyone concerned even sitting with them at the computer monitors.
I know it is intimidating sometimes but anyone who can speak up because speaking up can save lives,

it is true silence equals violence.

We need communities city wide to say zero tolerance to violence!

Z100 was playing a rap song that reprimanded community members for calling the police on him for selling drugs. Songs like that should be a badge of shame not a form of entertainment.

If there could be a fund for money to be donated for security systems for new computer security -- they can be one computer screen with many split images to watch all parts of a building and have the NYPD and volunteer community members watch them together when volunteers can do so and this fund and program would need to be city wide.

When people go to a community board they need a response... they need to know they are heard! They need to know who are the people they are talking to and what is their role in our community! A community board is not a democracy and the community may not know when there are meetings, who these reps. are and how they even came to represent the community. We need accountability so if the community board cannot resolve the problem they have to refer it to 311 but they have to show they did respond.
Shooting some one in the back is so cowardly . This group of young men? ganging up one person again cowardly. Can't they find something to do that is positive instead of murdering and traumatizing so many innocent people including children that witness such sick twisted behavior, who's lives and peace are destroyed by these cowards with guns. It can be found in all economic strata and it is a lack of understand right and wrong behavior. Lack of the capacity to feel shame. Lack of understanding how many people they hurt back they just don't care. They can't think beyond that pathetic little gun that gives them a false sense of power they so desperately need.

Is it drugs and lack of parenting? What is it that these "people" could think of only one way to resolve their anger and that is with guns?

These should understand it makes them less -- not men. Not human but less to murder shoot them in the back.

I really feel for the family and friends of this man that was shot and I feel for anyone and everyone that lives in fear.
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