Saturday, February 02, 2008


Fashion Week DKNY Add Campaign Chains Orange Bicycle to a Tompkins Square Park Tree

This afternoon we watched what we assume were DKNY operatives unload this bicycle from a truck , chain it to a Tompkins Square Park Tree and then drive away .
As was common in days of yore let's see some enterprising East Village youths strip this thing of parts or just brazenly abscond with the whole damned orange beast .

There was one tied to a fence at the bomb-site that was Washington Square Park yesterday.
that chain would not last the night in Washington DC

I bet that those bikes are in the hands of the public in NYC minutes after they are set in place
I saw one of these on the corner of Christopher and Greenwich St. in the West Village.
I saw one on Union Square West on Friday. I suspect that this is a shameless attempt to co-opt, as a fashion statement, the white bicycles placed by Critical Mass to commemorate cyclists who have been killed by motorists. I hope I'm wrong.
That explains the cop van I saw driving down Second Ave with five flourescent bikes affixed to the rear. I guess the cops were as annoyed as everyone else with this stunt.
Let's hope it was some locals that got this bicycle rather than the cops .Let's hope that this orange thing was re-cycled back into our neighborhood economy .That is, what is orange is dealt with green .
I have also seen a cop van with at least one attached to the back of it. I would guess that the cops removed them all. Don't you wonder what happens to them?
while driving the cab, I saw them everywhere. some already had the seats stolen. I don't care how, I don't care who, I want them gone. THIS IS DIGRACEFUL, and DISRESPECTFUL. I want one. Fashion must be stopped.
DKNY seems to be serious
about pushing for an auto-free New York by 2018

Check out the video!

you tube

blip tv
Chaining bikes to trees not cool. Resulting damage to entire circumference of bark (it's nutrient transport system) can kill it. DKNY also has a road biking team I see practicing in Central Park in the morning -- they are serious assholes too.
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