Saturday, December 29, 2007


Life on the Street : A Little Post-Christmas Socializing on Avenue A ... and Then a Trip to Detox ...

Jay and Karl have a few social , post-Christmas beers on Avenue A.

Later friends Jay and Sid help a well souced Karl change into clean , dry trousers and socks generously provided by friend Suzannah ...

... and then its suck down one last beer ... and , when the ambulance arrives , it is off to "detox" and a chance to clean-up and get a good nights rest .

Friday, December 28, 2007


Central Park , 27 December 2007

When we first walked in Central Park , the still-standing , rotting tree-trunk above was a living tree . If we recollect correctly a Liriodendron tulipifera , or tuliptree ... but we could be wrong about this identification , it was a long time ago in another century .

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


More Views of "The Cave" at 120 Saint Marks Place ...

Mike Matel , the founder of the "Cave" , sleeping

Belt-buckle by Jim Power

Eddie in his space at the "Cave" and below playing the steel saw

Lisa Renko's space
Jim ,Noah and Jesse Jane

Noah Ryder and his creations ,the 2 views below

Jennifer and Jerry and Jerry painting

Again we post something of 120 St. Marks Place and again it is a group of pictures of the "Cave" taken a bit more than 2 years ago .
We are not suggesting by showing so many pictures of life at the "Cave" that the "Cave" should have remained forever un-touched at 120 Saint Marks Place . After-all 120 St. Marks Place was not a legally occuppied building and it was a bit unsafe as a structure . There were some very serious structural problems with this building .
We are just trying to show some of the loss of diversity in activities in the East Village due to the irresponsible , wild-west sort of development activity now radically changing the neighborhood forever .
A few months before Benjamin Shaoul vacated 120 St. Marks Place ending the "Cave" , some of the members of the "Cave" left for SOHO and a new communal situation known as "Green House " at 75 Green Street . We will continue this story soon with a series of posts of that adventure here at NMNL .


Who Covets Santa's Beer ?

Sunday, December 23, 2007


2005 : Zagat Survey and a Cold Winter's Eve on Avenue A


Jesus at Ray's Candy Store ; Did Time in P.R. for Bank Robbery


Ronnie , Second Story Man



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