Sunday, December 16, 2007


120 St. Marks Place : "The Cave" Artist's Commune ...

Jim Power and Biker Bill Walker
Paintings by : On the left Mike Matel and on the right by Maze

Jerry with 40 oz. malt liquor

Painted interior

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer

Mike Matel

Jery Faust

Painted interior and supplies

Myles Emery and Shelby Voice's space

Jerry painting

Jerry painting

Jerry painting

Eddie's space

Eddie's space

Eddie's space

Painted wall

Jim Power's space

Jesse Jane

Jim's space

Jim incognito

Rear of the "Cave"

Without getting into the right-or-wrong-of-it-all or the for-better-or-worse-of-it-all we'll just say tonight that the East Village is changing and has changed irreversably . The "Cave" artist commune was the last of the illegal East Village squats and it has now been gone for nearly 2 years . The building at 120 St. Marks Place that the "Cave" occupied has been demolished and replaced by a new building of which we have posted many times here at NMNL .
Most recently we posted again of this new 120 St. Marks Place building 5 posts ago on 12 December . Tonight we just ammended that post ( PLEASE RETURN TO THIS PREVIOUS 12 DEC. POST AND READ THE ADDITIONAL COMMENTARY ) adding more damning comentary to the story of the new 120 St. Marks Place .
The "Cave" commune was started 5 years or so ago by Mike Matel , Demetrius and Maze . Many were soon to join the commune including Eddie ,Myles Emory and Shelby Voice , Jerry Faust , Noah Ryder ,Lisa Renko and of course Jim "Mosaic Man " Power and super-star dog Jesse Jane .
It is difficult to say whether the "Cave" was more a drinking and drugging society or more a society of artists . Probably it is fairly represented as all of the above . Many an evening was nothing but a ribald drunken frenzy . But along with all the dissipative behavior some painting and sculpture was done ... things were created and sometimes actually sold .
Here we present a selection of veiws of the "Cave" and some of it's members and their work .

Yes it is sad and so much more sad to come .
did you hear about sophie's and mona's going up for sale. fuck all. please go there with your camera skills before they're gone.
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