Saturday, August 04, 2007


Dogs - 5

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Bob: You really left "your imprint" -- The Villager continues the Bob Arihood legacy with Lorcan's photo essay of Jim Powers
Your obsession with the totally
non compelling theme of dogs and
their dog fucking owners -although
they may be a higher form of life
than Jules and the gallery of
idiots you celebrate is annoying
I would find the contents of the
average petri dish more compelling
and telling of the human condition
Actually his name is "Jewels" not Jules .

He has been "celebrated " here not just for your entertainment or annoyance but for a more important specific reason and that reason is to show his actions publicly , clearly and sensationally so that the public and public officials could see and less easily ignore him and the recklessly dangerous activities that he brought to TSP and avenue A.

He is of course now in jail ... at least for a while and the neighborhood is a safer place without him .

As to the dogs ...well there just isn't much going on in the neighborhood any more to photograph .Gentrification has won .Its mostly boring here now as you certainly can see having looked at the dog pictures.

So if what is seen on NMNL annoys you then relax . NMNL probably won't be on the internet all that much longer... there just isn't much to picture anymore .

Oh yes , the petri dish . Having spent some time in the lab with petri dishes , I would tend to disagree with you :there is nothing much concerning the human condition to be found in them let alone anything compellingly so ..
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