Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Mr. Boogers on Avenue A

Several years ago Mr. Boogers , a very sincere and good-hearted fellow , left his native Canada , his family and a job testing fan-belts to travel the hi-ways and by-ways of America in an old beat-up wreck of an Oldsmobile .

On this night Mr. Boogers , with only one bulb lit , found himself broke on avenue A and ever so earnestly attempting to sell something from his collection of curiosities , gags , gizmos and comically perverse sex toys . Typically Mr. Boogers sales technique amounted to cracking jokes about nose-picking and booger-eating or singing lascivious tunes to earn the attention and favor of a prospective customer .

i once helped mr. boogers sell yoyos, penis lighters, and urinating dolls at the feast of san gennaro. a good time was had by all until the drunk guy we were working with took off with the whole supply of dick lighters. mr. boogers was naturally quite upset.
i met this dude in toronto and helped him sell a whole whack of crazy assed stuff to bar patrons on a thursday night, hope youre still doing well mr boogers! and ps, its good to see im not the only one whos sold shit for this dude haha
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