Wednesday, June 27, 2007


How to Chill-Out in Tompkins Square Park in this Hot Weather ...

If you are a squirrel you just spread your belly out over a smooth cool surface like a tree limb above and transfer that excess heat to the tree . Squirrels are not as capable of controlling their body temperature as are most other mammals : they can easily over-heat in hot weather or die of cold in extreme cold weather . It is a common sight in the summer to see squirrels spread-out on all manner of cool surfaces . Squirrels also build flat open platforms assembled from green tree leaves placed in the lower branches of trees where it is coolest to provide for a necessary cool retreat in the hot summer months .

Hiya Bob,

Hope you're making like the squirrel in this hot weather. This weekend ought to be picture-perfect, and in every sense of the word.
I Absolutely love your blog, I have been reading it everyday for a long time! I met a lot of the people you have posted on here, while roaming around TSP and the EAat Village/LES. I hope to have my 15 minutes in yor blog one day!

Only in a good way though :)
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