Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Crime Double-Header on Avenue A Tuesday Night- Part 1 : Assault at 7th St. and Ave. A

With a pinkish-orange moon in the sky and a"Soylent Green" sort of brown haze hanging over all things as far as one can see on this miserably hot night , 2 crimes , an assault at ave. A and 7th St. and a stabbing out front of Doc Holidays at 9th and ave. A , are committed ( a crime double-header ) at almost the same time late in the evening on this Tuesday night . This first part of this post tells of the assault at 7th St. and ave. A .

The man sitting , leaning against a wall outside of Niagara Bar has just been arrested and hand-cuffed . He has allegedly struck the man pictured below to the side of the head with a bottle . He protests his arrest crying-out while in tears as he sits at the foot of the arresting police officer .

The suspect becomes more emotional and agitated ....

....the suspect will not relent and continues to resist arrest as the victim ( in glasses and sandals) makes remarks taunting him . The police officers try to separate and calm both victim and suspect .

Finally the suspect becomes such a serious problem that an ESS unit is summoned to bring a restraining jacket for the emotionally disturbed suspect .

The restraining jacket is laid-out and the suspect is placed on it ...

The suspect is enclosed in the restraining jacket with all straps tightened as necessary .

The emotionally agitated suspect is placed on a stretcher and is then placed in an ambulance . Both the victim and his alleged attacker will ride together in the ambulance to the hospital for the appropriate medical attention .

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