Thursday, January 04, 2007


The Mosaic "Chair"

This concrete and tile creation by "Mosaic Man " which we posted of last July (The Mosaic "Chair" at the Bus Stop) and which began as a planter full of plants and was morphed into a chair by the intervention of an errant automobile seems again to be changing . Bits and pieces are everyday dissappearing as vandals pound and chip at it and take away what little bit of it is left .... there at the bus stop at St Marks Place and avenue A . And as for our little hunched friend stuck to this concrete chair.... how long will he remain and where will he go ?

When are they going to remove that eye-sore and put it in its rightful place, the dump.
ILoved This Chair--unfortunately it has been destroyed by some uncaring people
It has been fixed and lovely as always as of 10/18/08
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