Friday, December 22, 2006


21 December 2006 Wall Street Police Brutality Protest ; Shot with a Leica M8

Above : Commander of Manhattan South Borough Patrol Assistasnt Chief Smolka

Above : Chief of Chiefs : Chief of Dept. Esposito , with 4 stars , confers with his officers .

Above : "Indy Media" interview in process
Above : Council person Charles Barron speaks

Thursday afternoon I left the neighborhood and covered some news downtown in the financial district with a new Leica M8.

Like the earlier protest on 5th ave last week this protest was a response to the recent police shooting of a civilian which involved the loseing of 50 rounds of amunition and the death of one man , Sean Bell , and the wounding of Trent Benefield and Joseph Guzman. .

The protest was directed by police commanders back and forth through downtown streets finally allowing the protestors to march down Wall Street and assemble at the old U.S. treasurey.

I know of no serious confrontations that resulted in violence though tempers on both sides did flare at times .

The M8 again did it's job . Thanks to Fotocare at 136 west 21st street for their assistance .

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