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15 December 2006 at 120 St. Marks Place

P.S. 18 December 2006 . The web pages below are changing and the STOP WORK ORDER THAT EXISTED ON 15 DECEMBER 2006 has been changed to a PARTIAL STOP WORK ORDER order that probably only applies to the basement and the ground floor but the violations are still in effect and will have to be answered to .These DOB web pages below are part of the complete building profile for 120 St. Marks Place and are supposed to be a current profile of the building and will of course change continuosly . There soon may well be no stop work order and no violation and as I noted in the post on this blog titled "Emblematic Bad Faith " Ben Shaoul will eventually get by hook -and-by -crook the building that he wants . We the people just have to accept that that will be the fate here least as long as the Law that exists is not enforced , architects continue to be allowed to "self-certify" projects and those that ignore and even defy the Law are not significantly punished .

So for those of you that are interested , you can go to the DOB profile daily ( too bad we can't have webcams at the site so that you can watch work , legal and illegal , at the building too) and watch the 120 St Marks Place project status change ...right up to the day that Ben Shaouls building gets it certificate of occupancy . It would not surprise me though that people will actually be living in this building some time before there is a C of O issued for this building .

The above pictures show workers working and 120 St Marks Place LLC principle partner ,Benjamin Shaoul , talking on a cell phone at 120 St Marks Place on 15 December 2006 . On this day there is a full stop work order in effect .This stop work order has been in effect on this property for some time . For a look at the stop work order click here.

On 13 December 2006 , just two days earlier , the Department of Buildings issued violations for work in violation of an existing stop work order and also for work beyond the scope of existing plans . There have been many similar long term violations for this Shaoul team at this property. On this blog posts titled : " Emblematic Bad Faith " and " A Stop Work Order That Stops Nothing -1,2 and 3" will provide something of an overview of this continuing illegal activity . Also the posts " Construction Accident at 120 St Marks Place " and " Sorry But Not Good Enough " will provide a little history concerning a typical safety issue at 120 St. Marks Place. For a look at the recent violations of the stop work order and working beyond the scope of plans click here .

and here

It would seem from appearances above that Mr. Shaoul and his workers do not consider the law relavent or applicable to them .

From the pictures above it can be seen that there is now a stair exit from the basement and also an exit door can be seen in the rear wall which makes possible exiting the very small and probably- illegally- so back yard through what appears to be a ground floor fire corridor through the building to an exit at the street on St. Marks Place.

Also the building ground floor extension does not extend to the rear lot line as I had once determined from some earlier images from this summer . In the earlier summer pictures there was certainly no rear stair exit from the basement in the recently poured ground floor slab and it appeared that the Shaoul team was building the rear extension right to the rear property lot line ,which according to some law and codes is not allowed . There will shortly be a post with pictures from last summer covering this issue . Certainly check the post " Emblematic Bad Faith" because it treats of the issue of the rear extension .

Though these changes are a sort of improvement as far as fire safety is concerned , they are most likely not completely lawful and they were mostly made by working in violation of existing stop work orders.

As to the identity of Mr. Shaoul , check for yourself by looking at the post on this blog " Some Aspects of a Civil Agreement ". There you can see a picture of him grinning .You , reader , can make the comparison for yourself ,that is if you have doubts about who is pictured above with a cellphone to his ear.

And finally the logo (actually an epmty DOB document ) above is that of the Department of Buildings and is accidentally there because of my computer incompetance :I don't know an easy way to remove it without re-doing the entire post .

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