Monday, November 27, 2006


Life Among the Tompkins Square Park Trees

Today there were two Red Tailed hawks (Buteo Jamaicensis ) in Tompkins Square Park . One of them was the one whose pictures were posted here two days ago and the other one is pictured above . Both hawks were having difficulties with being harried by smaller birds such as Blue Jays ,Crows ,Starlings and a single but persistant Kestral ( Falco Sparverius ) . Even the Grey Squirrels ( Sciuris Carolenensis ) were busy harrasing our poor feathered visitor . This hawk finally left the park for a less confrontational situation somewhere east of TSP.

Bob: Here is the NY audubon email address and I would recommend you contact them if you have not already, to give them a similar thrill/joy that you have afforded us local lovers of wild life -- espeically those with beautiful wings!
Bob! More photos pleaseeeeeeee!!!!!
Any colorful pictures emblematic of New York character(s)would be appreciated or wild life -- the lifers or the short term visitors.

Stumbled upon Robert Otter although he died 20 years ago, his son sells his photographs.
check out his photos of the West Village in the 60's and there is one of the site before Angelika Film Center was built and the NYU gym plus my favorite of Washington Square Park before NYU-mega domination destroyed the historic beauty of the area. The touching photos of the children playing on the street our his kids. You probably have seen his photos and The New York Times featured some of his photos this summer.
These photos of the hawks are great!!I am rereading your 2006 year and enjoying it very much. Glad you are back blogging here again.
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