Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Construction "Accident" at 120 St. Marks Place

Above: View of the two sections ,one in planter , of scaffolding tossed from the roof . In the background NYPD Emergency Services personnel are entering the 120 building to check conditions on the roof from which the two sections of scaffolding were tossed by the high winds and a large tarp .
Above: Damaged automobile in front of 120 St.Marks Place . Owner of vehicle is videoing his damaged automobile . Where this vehicle was sitting when damaged , Jim and Jesse Jane once lived and slept as can be seen in previous posts on this blog .
Above: Section of scaffolding resting in planter made by Mosaic Man
Above : View of smashed sun-roof and severely dented roof frame of damaged automobile
Above : Rear window of damaged automobile
Above: Scaffolding and the blue tarp above that lifted in the wind and tossed to ground the two sections of scaffold . Note the hanging , partially unattatched black protective netting .
Above: Sunday in the late afternoon the tarp is still furiously billowing and whipping in the wind .
Above: A view of a portion of the scaffolding at 120 St. Marks Place which shows unbolted cross bracing , missing cross bracing and an odd looking V-shaped wooden "brace" at the left side of the image. Also note the lack of protectve netting .This netting is used to protect the public from falling objects .

Look at the open space without cross-bracing and protective netting .This gap in the protective structure that should have been in place is exactly above the damaged vehicle and in the line of fall of the scaffold sections . If the scaffolding and protective netting had been in place up to the top of the scaffold structure , as it should have been , then perhaps the protective netting would have caught the scaffold sections and directed their fall to inside the wooden protected base area at the foot of the scaffold structure and not out into the street and sidewalk where they did fall doing damage to a vehicle . This gap in the scaffold structure likely exists because the crane used to lift materials to the roof was too short to approach the building and thus sections of scaffolding and protective netting were removed to make way for this too small crane .
Above: View of scaffolding at upper level. The scaffold structure seems a bit uncertain being incompletely assembled , poorly maintained and carelessly rigged . Note the lack of the black protective netting which is supposed to be in-place at all heights to protect the public from falling objects .

Saturday evening 28 October ,2006 two sections of scaffoling fell to ground at 120 St. Marks Place with one section damaging the roof and rear window of an automobile parked in front of the building .Luckily no one was injured .

According to NYPD Emergency Services personnel the sections had been placed on a large tarp on the roof and in the high winds the tarp lifted as a wing and tossed the two relatively heavy metal sections to ground . This isn't the first such trouble at 120 . Other things have fallen to ground there . Other accidents have occurred and people have been injured . There is even a video of one of the injured workers wrything on the floor in pain after the collapse of a stairwell which occurred during an unpermitted structural modification of the building . There have been numerous stop work orders at this building which have mostly been ignored . There is now and has been for a week or so , if the Department of Buildings profile for this building is to be believed , a stop work order on this building . In spite of this stop work order , work has continued unabated at 120 St. Marks Place for the last week or more .

Any one that works high-up in buildings knows that you do not leave tarps to blow in the wind . You can not weigh them down with weights of some sort : they must be secured with lines . They must be securely tied down at multiple points . In fact its just not a good idea to use tarps at height at all . But this is the team of Benjamin Shaoul working at this building and such disastrous events are to be expected . Check Shaoul's history here at this blog and then Google him .

As always , click on an image to enlarge it .

I live on 11th Street and this guy took over the building next door to mine.

He pretty much illegally evicted the tenants living there and then tore the entire building down to construct a more modern building. The construction was a total nightmare, my roommate and I along with our neighbors were always on the phone with 311 due to things like them starting construction at 6am on a saturday, construction tools and bits of the scafolding falling onto the sidewalk and the street, also harasment of women on 11th Street by the construction crew got really bad. One day the 311 operator told my roommate he was the 47th person to call on that day to make a complaint about that construction site.
At one point my building had to be evacuated because a dump truck working on this construction site backed into our building.
What is really creepy is that all the people that live in this building all seem to be under the age of 30. There seems to be no people living there with kids or no people living there who look like they are over 35. My roommate and I were wondering if this guy has some type of deal with NYU or something.
You need to talk to her personally regarding to your problems with that construction. If she can't understand what you want to her to know maybe she's crazy to do it although there's somebody affected with that construction.
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