Friday, January 08, 2010


Meanwhile at Micky D's Grimace Returns and at Ray's , Phili is Changed to Philly

P.S. 10:40 Tuesday 12 Jan. 2010 . Concerning the comments at this particular post .
These links illuminate the author and subject of some of the comments posted here in and clearly displays what we have been dealing with for the last 2+ years .We are not asking for sympathy , we just want you to know something of this person and her claims against us .


Friday Evening and Ray's Rent Was Not Paid ...

Ray was not able to meet the landlord's managing agent's ultimatum today .He did not pay the $8000 in rent that he owes to the landlord . For now though Ray's Candy Store is open for business .
Ray will certainly be open for business for a while . The building's managing agent , no matter how many body guards , can not just chain and padlock his store . Such action would be unlawful . Ray still has the right to due process and New York State's civil law establishes what that due process is . Whatever happens to Ray and his candy store will not happen overnight .
Tomorrow Ray will try to talk to the building's owner. Ray has known the owner since the owner was a boy . Ray hopes to be able to make some kind of a deal to continue operating his store until warmer times when business will pick up .Ray should be able to then make enough money to pay the back rent . These times , especially in this spate of cold weather , are difficult for not just Ray's Candy Store but also for many of the businesses on avenue A . There are currently many empty commercial spaces on avenue A .
Today many folks stopped by Ray's to buy something and to offer their support for him and his candy store . One man handed Ray $40 to help . Ray accepted the gift .


Old Friends Ed and Ray at Ray's Candy Store After Midnight Friday Morning

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Ray Receives Ultimatum From Landlord's Agent ...

A few hours ago in an optimistic mood we posted of Ray's new Phili (sic) Cheese Steak . Now in a much less optimistic mood we regrettably have to report that according to Ray at 10PM tonight the managing agent of his building--accompanied by her bodyguard-- informed him that he has until Friday to pay the 2 months rent that he owes . The agent noted that the next time she comes to the store she will have a chain and padlocks to close the store .
Ray has been in tough situations in the past but he has always overcome all obstacles and prevailed . This time we just don't know what will happen .

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


A Confusing Situation at Manitoba's


With an Assist From George Foreman , Ray Introduces His Latest Culinary Masterpiece , The Phili (sic) Cheese Steak

This morning at 7AM Ray's new George Foreman grill ,which he purchased from KMart the day before , produced his first Phili (sic) cheese steak for a customer . This juicy 2 minute wonder topped with Ray's special cheese sauce , was served to a professional chef . This chef had earlier helped Ray refine his steak frying technique . This professional chef enjoyed Ray's first cheese steak so much that he returned late in the afternoon for another Phili Cheese Steak , a la Ray , with an order of Ray's Belgian fries . And the cheese steak and fries... only $5 total .
Sorry but we don't have any product art at this time to add to the post .


From the High Line

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Monday, January 04, 2010


Monday Afternoon in Tompkins Square Park : One Rat's Demise

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