Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Rage and Reaction on 5th Street

Monday night around 8 PM an enraged woman started throwing bottles and other paraphernalia out her second story window at 533 E. 5th street . On the street below this window ACE bar patrons that had taken to the sidewalk to smoke were a bit surprised by all the bottles tossed from above . We do not know whether or not the woman was angered by the presence of the ACE crowd below her window . As far as we know no one was hit by any hurled objects but someone did call the police .Across the street at Black Iron Burger a crowd gathered to drink , socialize and watch the coming siege .
The NYPD reaction to the woman's behavior was overwhelming . We counted at least 4 ambulances , one large ESS emergency truck and several smaller NYPD , FDNY and EMS vehicles amounting to more than a dozen vehicles .According to police sources the woman was a known and had created a similar problem roughly a year ago .
NYPD personnel in battle gear , tear gas at hand , were at the woman's front window for the better part of 4 hours as officers inside attempted to negotiate access to her apartment through her hall way door .We do not know in detail what went on for the 4 hour period from the 911 call to walking her out of her building but during this period the woman occasionally tossed objects out her window . In the end she was walked out of her building , strapped to a gurney , rolled to an ambulance and taken to hospital for observation .
Later police personnel sealed the front second story window . Some of what was tossed from the window could be seen on the street near the 533 building .
A resident of the 533 building told us that the woman tossing bottles from her window tonight had created another bottle tossing incident requiring NYPD attention last November .

Monday, October 05, 2009


Sunday Afternoon in Tompkins Square Park

Sunday, October 04, 2009


At the Gate

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