Monday, January 07, 2008


One Night in the Late Nineties Mordecai Levy of the Jewish Defense Organization Visited East 8th Street ....

Mr. Levy came to the East Village one night in the late nineties to Rabbi Fried's 8th Street Shul at 317 east 8th st. . Rabbi Fried , who routinely wore an entertainingly parti-colored (nearly psychedelic) yarmulke and who was also several months later arrested for possession of "medical" marijuana , ran a sort of ecumenical alternative shul in this venerable neighborhood synagogue .

Mr. Levy had come to the shul to warn the neighborhood of Nazis and members of other extremist organizations such as the "National Alliance" that were in their midst . Describing in detail the threat he also displayed video's of his "troops" practicing , shooting-up the Nevada desert with fully automatic weapons .

He was also likely very interested in raising money to support his para-military operations .

The event was attended by a broad selection of Jews , young and old ; from the very ultra-orthodox , Hasidic members were there , to the purely secular including a couple of old-style Trotskyists whose concerns he spent a good bit of time entertaining . Numerous non-jews were also present . Those in attendence were from the neighborhood as well as from all the far corners the NYC metro area .

As anyone familiar with NMNL knows his target subjects did exist .

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