Saturday, June 30, 2007


Santa Claus and Two Inflated Condoms at Ray's Candystore

Some one had been handing out creams , condoms and other assorted latex paraphernalia in the area . Several had showed us their handsful of these items ; some giggling a bit . Santa Claus ( Carl ) in the spirit of the late Benny hill , used a portion of his latex allotment to create a mammary fantasy .


Jewels and Keith Riley on "Crusty Row" in Tompkins Square Park

Amidst all the middle fingers displayed on "Crusty Row" you can see Jewels ,whom you have seen too much of here recently , and recently returned Keith Riley ( known as "Swill" to a select set of his friends ).
Keith is back from a weeks-long hospital stay during which he was treated for injuries resulting from a severe beating .
Keith was beaten by 4 young crustys one row over to the west in TSP on "Death Row" a bit more than a month ago . Keith still has some recovering to do which it seems will be , less than ideally , mostly endured on "Crusty Row" in Tompkins Square Park .

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


How to Chill-Out in Tompkins Square Park in this Hot Weather ...

If you are a squirrel you just spread your belly out over a smooth cool surface like a tree limb above and transfer that excess heat to the tree . Squirrels are not as capable of controlling their body temperature as are most other mammals : they can easily over-heat in hot weather or die of cold in extreme cold weather . It is a common sight in the summer to see squirrels spread-out on all manner of cool surfaces . Squirrels also build flat open platforms assembled from green tree leaves placed in the lower branches of trees where it is coolest to provide for a necessary cool retreat in the hot summer months .


Food and Fashion in Tompkins Square Park

As some of the more fortunate young and fashionable primp , pose and photograph for fashion at the chess tables in Tompkins Square Park , a few yards away some of the less fortunate older and unfashionable listen to inspirational music and a sermon while waiting for some free food .


Ryan and G on "Crusty Row" in Tompkins Square Park


Crime Double-Header on Avenue A Tuesday Night-Part 2 : Stabbing Out Front of Doc Holiday's

Late Tuesday night police question a suspect in cuffs out front of Doc Holiday's at the corner of 9th St and avenue A . Earlier at this location a man was , according to a witness who had attempted to prevent the stabbing , stabbed repeatedly in the side of his abdomen . The injured man , at the time still conscious according to witnesses , was taken to a hospital by ambulance .

According to witnesses the stabbing was the result of an argument that started on the street outside of the bar . According to witnesses the parties involved in the incident had been drinking .
Knife and blood at the scene of the crime .


Crime Double-Header on Avenue A Tuesday Night- Part 1 : Assault at 7th St. and Ave. A

With a pinkish-orange moon in the sky and a"Soylent Green" sort of brown haze hanging over all things as far as one can see on this miserably hot night , 2 crimes , an assault at ave. A and 7th St. and a stabbing out front of Doc Holidays at 9th and ave. A , are committed ( a crime double-header ) at almost the same time late in the evening on this Tuesday night . This first part of this post tells of the assault at 7th St. and ave. A .

The man sitting , leaning against a wall outside of Niagara Bar has just been arrested and hand-cuffed . He has allegedly struck the man pictured below to the side of the head with a bottle . He protests his arrest crying-out while in tears as he sits at the foot of the arresting police officer .

The suspect becomes more emotional and agitated ....

....the suspect will not relent and continues to resist arrest as the victim ( in glasses and sandals) makes remarks taunting him . The police officers try to separate and calm both victim and suspect .

Finally the suspect becomes such a serious problem that an ESS unit is summoned to bring a restraining jacket for the emotionally disturbed suspect .

The restraining jacket is laid-out and the suspect is placed on it ...

The suspect is enclosed in the restraining jacket with all straps tightened as necessary .

The emotionally agitated suspect is placed on a stretcher and is then placed in an ambulance . Both the victim and his alleged attacker will ride together in the ambulance to the hospital for the appropriate medical attention .

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


A Hot , Humid Summer Night on Ave. A

Monday, June 25, 2007


A Micky D fantasy at 9th and Avenue A ...

Yes , we have been told that the young hipsters above , seen happily strolling down 9th st. , were puting one foot in front of the other , joyously thinking of dining down at Ronalds place under the Golden Arches ... all for the camera of course .

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