Saturday, March 03, 2007


Early Spring in Central Park


Signs of Spring

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Mosaic Man and Jesse Jane in Union Square Park Today ...

Jim and Jesse now go to Union Square Park more often than they do Tompkins Square Park because , according to Jim , TSP is not where the action is and Union Square is .
Jesse and Jim were at the dog run ,which is cleaner than the TSP run , and Jesse was obssessed of a dog -saliva -soaked green tennis ball which gooey "spit-ball" I was elected to throw across the run for Jesse to catch and return for another throw ...for ever and ever and ever....
Jim has been finishing a mosaic job which includes the interiors of the restrooms and more at a new bar ,Porno Dog Tavern , next to Crif Dog on St. Marks Place between ave. A and 1st ave. The new bar will open soon .


Spring Has Sprung ...At least for a Day or Two....

It was a truly beautiful spring day in Tompkins Square Park today with nothing but blue skies ,warm sun ,children playing, birds chirping their springtime songs and the park squirrels chattering and scurrying about thankful that the hawks were not around to eat them least for a while .


Our Lady of Vilnius is Closed...

By now everyone knows this story ,its been thoroughly presented by the conventional media : the Archdiocese needs money and communities suffer the loss of their church and parish .
This church near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel ,Our Lady of Vilnius , is the one Lithuanian parish in Manhattan . The church is located in , I was told by an older parishioner , what was once the heart of a Lithuanian community until the community was mostly demolished to make way for the Holland Tunnel .
As St. Brigid's in my East Village community and several other smaller old churches in the Archdiocese , Our Lady Of Vilnius is slated to be demolished . The parish learned of this just a very short time before these pictures were taken . They were locked out of their church by the Archdiocese without notice and insurance money that was to be used to repair the roof of the church ,the parishioners have been told , will be used to help pay for demolishing their church .
Here there is not much more that is significant that I can say other than that the real story is to be read in these parishioners faces .

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Sunday Night Snow

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