Thursday, January 14, 2010


It's Midnight and Ray Makes Ice Cream ...

As the minute hand creeps up on midnight Ray fills one of his Taylor ice cream machines with the liquid that will shortly become his chocolate ice cream product . Earlier Ray had cleaned and sanitized the inner parts of the refrigerated mixer that actually mixes and cools the edible ice cream into existence . During the laborious cleaning task , Kevin , who was reading today's "Villager" editorial supporting Ray and his candy store , kept Ray company .

I love this photo!
glad you like it Goggla
I think it's uncool and unethical of this blog to allow extreme personal attacks on anyone by anonymous authors who are too cowardly to identify themselves. If someone made a similar personal attack about your financial status on another site I know you would not like it.
Welcome to the cyber-world John Penley.

It's not your mothers' Sunday Times....
John Penley is RIGHT -- I have NO respect for the cowardly AnonymASSes who sling shit against others....
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