Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Mosaic Man today

For the last few days Jim , with Jesse Jane , has been living and working on the roof of a building east of Tompkins Square Park repairing and expanding a mosaic covering for the building's parapet . This job is limited in scope and extent and will end soon . It is not clear what is going to happen at the Village Pour House ,the mosaic construction there is on hold . Jim and Jesse Jane may go to Vermont for a couple of weeks to work but beyound that there is little that is certain .Jim seems to have a number of possible future jobs but money is in short supply for Jim since many people see Jim as desparate and thus seem to feel free to exploit that condition offering as little as possible as pay for his labor . The overall situation for Jim and Jesse Jane is very difficult .

Recently , on several nights , Jim and Jesse Jane were back at 120 St. Marks Place .Though friends still come by occasionly to socialize , Jim and Jesse Jane still must later sleep on the sidewalk as others surrounding them stand outside a bar engaged in spirited and loud bar conversations .

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