Sunday, January 25, 2009


Friday : Finally a Better Day for Ray and His Candy Store ...

Friday was a very good day for Ray . His candy store finally made some money . He had business all night long . It wasn't just the late night drunk crowd that patronized Ray's Candy Store this Friday . Ray had business from the late afternoon through the early Saturday morning hours . He also had the much appreciated assistance of Kyla and Louis for the evening and early morning hours selling fries , franks, malteds , egg creams and Obama socks among other products . These two very generous downtown youths freely donated their time and made all the difference by doing the out-front sales and food handling while Ray cooked-up pound upon pound of fries in the kitchen . The fact that it was a warm Friday night probably helped make this all possible .
Though Ray's financial woes are still overwhelming , this evening and night for once produced desperately needed profits . For one day in a long dark seemingly hopeless stretch of time Ray's spirits lifted .
There was more than just uncommon profits to make Friday a special day ; a case worker from the Dept . of Adult Protective Services came to his apartment on 7th street to interview him . This visit was the beginning of a process that Ray hopes will help him obtain his lawful Social Security payments , some much needed medical care , some business advice and assistance that will perhaps help save his candy store and also some assistance to help him freeze his domestic rent and improve and secure his apartment .

Perfect gifts for his birthday!
Good work folks!!Happy Birthday to Ray!!
Salutes Kyla and Louis!
Hooray for Kyla and Louis! The East Village thanks you!
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